This blog is about Morland. Morland isn’t a fun place. It’s a nightmare magic planet that is ruled by an evil witch queen. You’d hate it there. This blog chronicles one fool’s exploits. Take heed.



This blog is written by Derek Jensen. He is a fictional character in my novel, Magic Headaches. I am currently trying to get it published. This blog chronicles Derek’s journey in Morland. When the story is done, I will combine it all as a novella and it will be available for download.

Join us each month as I post the next chapter in Derek’s story.  If you like dark humor, sarcastic resignation at the inability to escape from one’s own bad luck, and evil witch queens trying to destroy all traces of goodness, then you’ll love this story.  Come check out Derek’s story month by month. Come read about The Morland Prince.

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This story will get you excited for my novel which reunites us with Derek in the present. Morland is not finished with him.